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Case No. 11 | Vimperk Castle (2014)

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In October 2014, an active and continuous preparation of the Paranormal tým for the research of paranormal phenomena at Vimperk Castle began. We received permission to conduct the investigation from the then castellan PhDr. Ladislav Čepička at the end of August 2014.

Mr. MVDr. Bohumil Kubát, the former Minister of Agriculture for the Czech Republic after the Velvet Revolution, also contributed strongly to the research of paranormal phenomena at this place.

On behalf of the Paranormal Team, both gentlemen were promised that the research at Vimperk would be as complete as possible.  For this reason, we decided to invite the collegiate group V.T.P.J. with whom we have positive experiences in Pacov, Houska Castle and Landštejn.

On 8.11.2014 we all met at the Vimper Castle, where we set up our main camp in the cellar and from there we later went on individual tours.


Here, an introductory interview with Mr. Bohumil Kubát was recorded, where we were told what we can expect at this castle and what he personally encountered here.

The main events that Mr. Bohumil Kubát witnessed took place several years earlier, when he and another colleague were told by a "ghost" in the cellar that they were to excavate the site. Later, Mr. Kubát told this experience to Prof. Tomáš Durdík, who later discovered the foundations of an earlier castle at the site.

It should be noted for the sake of objectivity that Tomáš Durdík never believed in paranormal phenomena or ghosts until his sudden death in September 2012, and he himself said in his documentary Shields of the Czech Kingdom (2007) that he never experienced anything ghostly during his overnight stays in many Czech castles and chateaus.

Another mysterious event was described by Mr. MVDr. Bohumil Kubát in Black Kitchen. Here he had a long conversation with the ghost of a doctor from the Austrian Empire (today's Austria). Interestingly, Mr. Kubat has detailed information about the ghost, which the entity itself told him. From his name, date and place of birth, to his education, to his place of death (the attached picture from Mr. Kubat below is supposed to show the entity).


Based on Mr. Kubát's testimony, we have identified three points of contact that will be monitored during the night. 1) The basement of Vimper Castle, where we will be allowed to leave a camera capturing sounds for the night. 2) The Wolf Tower, which will be accessible from the ground floor to the second floor. 3) The Black Kitchen, where the alleged paranormal activity is supposed to be strongest with the adjacent Mystic Garden.

After installing equipment, turning off cell phones and lighting, we began our research.

We take turns going around each location (except for the basement), using measuring devices ranging from electromagnetic field meters to thermometers, but these devices do not register a single deviation. There is complete calm everywhere. Five cameras are scanning the surroundings and the footage on the tape recordings keeps growing.

But we are witnessing some strange things. Fully charged batteries drop two digits when we enter the room behind the black kitchen. The electromagnetism meter here shows normal readings, but the camera documenting the recording is almost discharging.


The car battery located here is similarly situated. Although it normally lasts all night, here it reports complete discharge after a few hours. It's clear to us that the camera here won't last into the morning hours.

At 11:00 at night, there's still no indication that anything paranormal is going on. The first change is noticed by the V.T.P.J. team led by Miroslav Pribyl together with Eva Rudoušová and Luboš Kubista. In the ground floor of Vlček's tower, which is set up as a torture chamber, they record strong temperature differences in a short period of time. Miroslav himself illustrates them with a subjective description of the sensation when he feels hot on his stomach but cold on his back despite the thick layer of clothing. His colleagues subsequently corroborate these words.

At the same time, the esoteric Jaja Dušková and the other half of the V.T.P.J. team also record certain subjective experiences. A headache and a heaviness in the feet.

However, the measuring instruments in the black kitchen did not register anything.


It's not until three in the morning that things get interesting for us. And not on any given day, but only through analysis of the records. During our stay in the black kitchen, when everything seems calm and uninteresting, we record almost one EVP after another on the dictaphone. Later, we count fourteen of them, and the best ones can be heard even without turning up the volume.

However, even outside the EVP, one interesting event happens in the black kitchen. A pebble suddenly flies at Milan Pribyl sitting by the old stove. It happens shortly after one of the EVPs has been recorded.

As we pack up all our equipment with the sun, we have no idea that this case will enrich us with so many possible EVP recordings. However, they prove the truth of the words of the castellan PhDr. Ladislav Čepička, i.e. that he does not believe in ghosts, but that he can confirm that there are fluctuations in the electromagnetic field in some places of Vimperk Castle.

All EVP records are actually a kind of fluctuations in the EMF field, therefore, based on the obtained knowledge we can confirm this statement and support it with evidence. These are not strong fluctuations (certainly not at the time of our measurements), but still enough to give the researcher something interesting to take away.


We cannot confirm the "haunting" at Vimperk Castle. What we can deduce from the records obtained is the possibility that Vimperk stands not only in a historically interesting place, but also interesting in terms of energy. Future research by us or others will hopefully reveal more details.

author of the article: Ondřej Bezouška
Proofreader: Kateřina Běhanová


video of the investigation


  • in Czech, without English subtitles