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Case No. 24 | Centre of České Budějovice


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image6eng.jpgdirected by Ondřej Bezouška
Michala Valešková - Head of Research
Kamil Valeška - technician
Ondřej Bezouška - documentary filmmaker
Pavel Mička - investigator

the research was carried out on the night of 27-28.6.2020


České Budějovice is our second home. Part of the team comes from here, we have already researched myths and legends here several times, and the famous Braniš Forest Bor is just a stone's throw away. 

In 2020, we were contacted by a witness who lives in the centre of this town, who said that supernatural forces were bothering her life as much as they were bothering her daughter and her friends. So we decided to do some practical research and find out what the truth was. This gave us a glimpse into the deeper history of the town and a look at the darker side of the town that may have played a part in this case. And we discovered a few interesting things. learn more about them in our documentary...

official video

Secrets and mysteries of the centre of České Budějovice

  • the video is in Czech, with English subtitles
  • English subtitles can be enabled in the video settings