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Case No. 5 | Les Bor u Českých Budějovic (2013)

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Place: the Forest of Bor near České Budějovice
Night: 23.-24.10.2013
Equipment: 2x cameras, 2x ghostmeters, EMF meter, thermometer, camera, stereo recorder, lighting, UV lighting, pendulum.
investigators: Michaela Mindlová, Ondřej Bezouška


Branišov Forest Bor is a mysterious place shrouded in so many stories and ghosts that few places in the Czech Republic can afford to dream about it.

It's been years since we heard about the haunted Bor. Back then, the Paranormal Team didn't even exist and our experience investigating the paranormal wasn't what it is today. Even before our group was formed, we went to the site several times with an expert guide and experienced some interesting paranormal phenomena.

Our last visit to Bor prior to this investigation was about three quarters of a year earlier and it was already apparent that compared to previous visits, the frequency of recorded paranormal phenomena was decreasing. We didn't know why, but we decided not to go to this place for a long time. Now, however, it was time for a new visit.


We set off with the cameras in the afternoon to Branišov. The goal is now the famous Black Column. We have never been able to explain why it is called that and for how long and for what reason it has stood there. In the past, the famous Black Man has been seen and photographed here to protect travellers from evil from another dimension, which is said to have its gateway here.

Tourists, gentlemen and ladies with their pets, children and adults on bicycles, are running along the forest paths at this time. It is lively. Often we have to interrupt our video recording for a short documentary to avoid being disturbed by the human traffic around us. Autumn already reigns brightly here, and so the deciduous trees shine in all colours and fall in mass depending on the wind.

This first visit to the forest takes about two hours. Then we leave to get our equipment for the night investigation and wait for nightfall.


Night falls and we return to Bor. We switch on our devices and walk into the depths of the dark forest. As always, those first steps are accompanied by a depressing feeling, not of a possible paranormal encounter, but of the change of leaving the relative safety of the light of the street lamps and entering the potential danger of the dark forest ahead. Adrenaline surges in your blood at that moment and your senses are strung like strings.

This feeling lasts for about five to ten minutes before the adrenaline wears off and you get used to the darkness around you. Still, you have to admit how the forest has a completely different feel in the dark than in the light.

Again we come to the black chapel. We put our instruments on the ground and try to pick up some possible communication on the K2 Ghostmeter and EVP on the dictaphone. Both of which we have recorded here in abundance in the past prior to the formation of our group. Now, however, the EMF field change instrument is not moving and even our senses are not telling us that we are in any danger. All is calm and quiet.


From the black chapel we go along forest paths into the surroundings. To places where we've had success with contact before. But even there, we're not experiencing any paranormal experiences today. So we try going deeper into the forest, to the Wolf's Den.

After a kilometer of walking we come to this place, where we make another stop. We photograph the area, ask questions, measure the EMF field. In desperation, we turn off all the instruments and try to aim in complete darkness. All to no avail. After about half an hour we leave this place. We are still about to record the conclusion of our documentary, when at that moment the only strange event of the whole evening occurs. At the same moment, all the lighting and the camera switch off. We find ourselves in total darkness, but apart from that we don't register any feelings of fear. After a moment's manipulation, we get the equipment running again and film the final verdict we have from this visit.

During the subsequent exit from the forest, Aima sees two eyes in the darkness. A small, motherless colt looks at our pair. He stands like a pillar of salt and never takes his eyes off us no matter where we move. A frightening sight, compounded by the fact that the mother may be nearby and may want to protect her young. We don't wait long and walk as fast as we can along the road towards the parked car.


In the following days, the analysis of the footage from the camera and the dictaphone is underway. However, it does not give us any satisfactory evidence. Both the video and the audio recordings show nothing that could be considered paranormal. So the only conclusion from this investigation is...


Nevertheless, given the history and the many testimonies from the site, paranormal activity is not ruled out.



No paranormal activity recorded (on the night of October 23-24, 2013).


Video of the investigation

  • in Czech without English subtitles