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Case number 4 | Investigation in the Tábor house "Rybárna" (2013)

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The First Investigation

Place: Tábor
Night: 19.-20.10.2013
Equipment: 2x Cameras, 2x Ghostmeters, EMF digital meter, thermometer, camera, stereo recorder, lighting, UV lighting, pendulum.
Investigators: Michaela Mindlová, Ondřej Bezouška
Independent observer: Michal M.
Witnesses - Guides: Jindřich H., Marcela Z.


It was the beginning of September when we published a competition on our website. Three winners emerged from this competition. On the 19th of October, a shoot took place with the first one. 

The building itself, belonging to the local fishing club, stands by the water. It is a two-storey older house with flats, built sometime around the turn of the 19th-20th century or the first half of the 20th century, depending on the style.

One of the two witnesses accompanies us inside: Mr. Jindřich H., thanks to whom we can see the place. A short while later we are joined by the energetic Mrs. Marcela Z., who describes to the camera paranormal experiences that the vast majority of paranormal investigators can only dream of.

Ms. Marcela tells us that one night she went to the bathroom around 11:00. She had to leave her apartment and walk across the hall. On the second floor, she directly saw a white figure of a man who put his index finger in front of his lips and then pointed above him, to the attic. The witness did not hesitate and immediately fled the house. She later described the appearance of the figure to the local people and found out that he was a policeman who lived there and had hanged himself in the attic about ten years ago.

Místo, kde Marcela Z. spatřila ducha mrtvého policisty.

But this is not the first paranormal phenomenon. Marcela goes on to say that even the animals here are not doing well. They are restless, stressed, which takes its toll over time. Jindřich H., on the other hand, describes that he often sees some kind of silhouettes out of the corner of his eye that pass through the corridors at night. Again, it is mainly the second floor that is in question. And it's not just about visual contact, but also about moving objects. A witness describes to us on camera how one night, out of nowhere, a window was slammed loudly, as if someone had slammed it.

But the death of the policeman was not the only thing that happened here. One of the apartment owners also died on the second floor of the building, and his body was not found until some time later.

We're trying to get as much footage as we can in broad daylight with the camera. The place looks old, but not depressing. What is depressing is the recent history, but without it, this is an old house in use that remembers many things and has seen many good and bad owners. And within its walls are also embedded many different emotions that these people have left behind.

We pack our things, take some more photos and prepare for the night with anticipation.


It's about half past nine when we arrive at the place. To our initial shock, however, we are greeted by an unexpected birthday party for a local resident. The music is loud, you can hear the laughter, the cheering coming from the first floor windows. Exactly the kind of thing that doesn't exactly help the Nazis, let alone the dictaphone recordings. Nevertheless, we take all the equipment and go to the attic. There, among the beams and hoses, we unpack the equipment. At least there is more peace here, which is interrupted from time to time by some shuffling from the celebrations below.

The investigation begins. Ondřej, Michala, the invited observer Miloš M. and the witness Jindřich H. are in the attic. She has too much respect for her.

The birthday party threw us off a bit because nobody expected it. This caused a little initial confusion when Ondřej was unable to find some of the equipment, which caused more noise than he wanted in the first few minutes.


The first visit to the soil seemed peaceful. The thermometer recorded a slight drop in temperature, but this was more the result of the night's cold than of paranormal origin. So after some time, we return to the second floor, where we continue our investigation despite the loud music echoing through the house. It's after eleven o'clock when suddenly the ghostmeter located by the staircase flashes. Just before and then repeatedly thereafter, Marcela Z., who has joined us here, feels a rush of cold, oppressive feelings that someone is watching her or trying to touch her. Investigator Michaela Mindlová experiences similar feelings, but investigator Ondřej Bezouška does not share them. Nevertheless, he tries to rationally explain the flashing of the ghost meter. No one has their cell phone on. There is no internet connection anywhere nearby and there are thick walls all around. There is no rational explanation for this phenomenon, which even repeats itself.

After an hour, Andrew and Michaela return to the attic once more, where they try to communicate with the other party. At the same time, they determine the approximate place where the policeman might have hanged himself. It is a peripheral part of the attic where the beams are higher than in other parts of the house. Yet, there is still peace and the possible ghosts do not react even to challenges and provocation. So we return to the second floor again, where shortly afterwards the ghostmeter flashes again. The interesting thing this time is that the EMF digital meter is right next door, but the readings that flashed the diode K2 (also used to measure electromagnetic fields) were not registered by this more sensitive instrument at all. So if logic failed to explain the mere flashing of the K2, now logic has gone straight down to the basement.


Although the investigation yields positive results, the celebration does not stop. On the contrary, we have the feeling that drunken individuals are spreading throughout the house. For this reason, we are terminating the investigation without reaching the first floor.

According to some theories, the paranormal is fueled by water. This house literally sits on a body of water and is surrounded by a local river. After all, the nickname "The Fish House" didn't just come about. So if there is any truth to this, we are probably in for some interesting experiences in the future. Yes, we plan to return to Tábor "Rybarna" one day. Whether for the exploration on the first floor, or for the experiences that will come with complete silence. Not many places are so gloomy at night.


Although the investigation this time revealed increased paranormal activity, we are unfortunately unable to render a final verdict. On this particular night, the house was too alive with the living to fully perceive the dead. Nevertheless, we did observe a number of things here. But for a final verdict, the evidence and the appropriate investigative conditions must meet. Only then can we be certain of the results presented.

For now, we bid farewell to Tabor House. But we look forward to returning today. We haven't said goodbye to the Fishery yet.


Conclusion of the investigation

Not determined due to excessive noise which did not allow the object to be fully explored.


Second investigation

Place: Tábor
Night: 19.-20.12.2013
Technique: cameras, Ghostmeter K2, Digital EMF meter, Thermometer, Dictaphones, Lighting, UV lighting, pendulum.
Investigators: Ondřej Bezouška, Michaela Mindlová


It was October 2013 and the Paranormal team consisting of Ondřej Bezouška and Michaela Mindlová conducted an investigation in the Tábor house "Rybárna". However, due to a loud and unexpected birthday party, this investigation was interrupted. The dictaphone recordings were unusable for analysis and the only thing we took away were the reactions of the ghostmeters.

Two months later, I return to this place. We're unpacking our instruments in Marcela's apartment. Shortly thereafter, the ghostmeters flash. Unfortunately, when the cameras aren't recording. So we decide to check the old familiar attic again, where the suicide of the policeman who lived there and whom Mrs. Marcela saw as a ghost in the hallway.

Compared to October, we can clearly feel the growing December frost. The temperature outside is slightly below zero and, as the attic is not insulated, it is also cold.


Before the investigation itself, we film a short entrance to the upcoming documentary and then the camera takes over the ghostmeters and dictaphones.

Michaela Mindlova pulls out her pendulum with a chart and asks about possible paranormal activity. When we analyze the footage later, we cannot confirm paranormal activity in the attic, as the ghostmeter was silent, we sensed nothing extraordinary, and the dictaphone did not record anything that could be evaluated as EVP.

Our next stop was in the second floor corridor where a white ghost figure had been seen in the past, supposedly belonging to a police officer who both lived there and died by his own hand. Emotionally, we still don't even remotely experience feelings of being followed or being in danger. Ghostmeters and dictaphones are laid on the ground by the stairs, and the whole thing is still taken up by one of our cameras. Michaela Mindlová records everything manually on the other camera and takes a walk down the corridor. At one point, there's a noise next to her. She soon investigates the noise, but concludes that it is more likely to be the activity of a mouse or possibly a cat rather than a paranormal origin.


Ghostmeter doesn't react and the silence persists, so we resort to provocation. Michaela Mindl takes the negative stories that have been circulating about the deceased police officer and shouts them into the darkness. We do our best to provoke activity, but nothing strange can be heard. Until one moment when suddenly a loud bang is heard from the first floor. Ondřej Bezouška closes this a moment later, as if turning on the night current, but later analysis of the photos shows that the metal hatch by the fuses has opened by itself. But unfortunately, we have the closed hatch in the photo. We know it was open because Andrew almost tripped over it later. However, questions remain as to whether the lid was opened by the living occupants of the house (although this is highly unlikely).

Exactly two minutes and three to four seconds after the blow from the floor, we hear a clear voice spelling out in syllables, "SLU-NÍ-ČKO" <"Sunshine"> on the recording when we analyse the sound. This is the only EVP that was clear enough to be considered an EVP.

We then move from the second floor to the ground floor. We immediately take our first measurements with our instruments.

The fuses themselves emit a strong electromagnetic radiation into the surrounding area of about two meters, which is also picked up on our EMF meters in high enough units to induce feelings of depression and even possible hallucinations in more sensitive individuals after remaining in this zone for some time. However, this radiation does not reach the apartments or the second floor.

Again, we place the measuring instruments on the ground in candlelight, far enough away from the electromagnetic radiation from the fuses. Again we try to communicate and again we have no positive results. Even with later analysis, we cannot confirm that we have encountered any paranormal phenomena.


After a quarter of an hour, we return to the second floor, where we spend the rest of the time trying to communicate in a similar way as on our last visit, but even that doesn't help. The rule that where we are the first time is where we are the strongest, as Aima healer Michaela Mindlová says in the video, is confirmed.

One of our cameras is already going off at around 2am, so we conclude that we've done what we can, and it's time to leave this place. We say goodbye to Mrs. Marcela, get into our cars and head away with mixed feelings. On the one hand, we had some interesting moments here last time, which we recorded. On the other hand, we felt like we were back in Bor, where we had also experienced interesting phenomena in the past, but on a later visit it was quiet.

After some time has passed and all the recordings have been evaluated, we can say that the Fishery is a place where paranormal activity can occur from time to time. We have no confirmation from reports or experience that the activity here is in any way dangerous. Rather, we believe it may be some sort of emotion trapped in the space. These emotions or spirits may also be fed by the nearby presence of water, which according to some theories is what enhances paranormal activity (the house is defacto built on water).


Once again, we thank Mr. Jindřich H. and Mrs. Marcela Z. for the invitation and wish them the most peaceful and best living.

The result of the investigation

A site with possible paranormal activity.


videos of the investigation

  • in Czech, without English subtitles